What is ACell hair treatment?

Hair that greatly affects the appearance; It plays a decisive role in a person’s psychology, relationships with others and even career success. At the same time, the healthier and bushy the hair, which also contains some clues about cultural characteristics and social status, the higher the level of attractiveness. On the other hand, factors such as advancing age, stress, irregular nutrition, genetic structure and chronic health problems may cause the hair to lose its volume over time and to thin out.

ACell, which is known as “hair graft” among the people and provides the highest healing in one go, and ACell, which consists of the combination of the Plasma technique that is successfully applied in different fields of medicine today, offers an effective and permanent solution to all these problems. ACell, which enables the stem cell to regenerate tissue with the modeling method; The extracellular matrix consists of a combination of drugs, plasma, vitamins and minerals. A connection is established between cells with the extracellular matrix, a substance that accelerates tissue production. Stem cells, which are activated and revitalized with ACell hair treatment, mimic the healthy tissue in the environment. In this way, the existing hair grows by following the healthy roots surrounding it. Both new roots are formed and pre-existing ones are strengthened.

This special method, which stands out with its therapeutic feature, can also be used as a support before or during hair transplantation. Acell hair treatment, which can achieve results in just one session, is also ideal for those who cannot spare time for long sessions due to their intense work schedule. With this special method applied by specialist doctors in the field, the person can have healthy, shiny, lively and strong hair painlessly and comfortably.

How is ACell hair treatment applied?

In ACell hair treatment, ACell powder, also called “magic powder”, imported from America and containing vitamins, minerals and drugs, is combined with rich plasma produced from the person’s own blood. In this way, a “personalized hair vaccine” is obtained. In the treatment, which is completed in an average of 1 hour with local anesthesia, the previously prepared serum is transferred to the scalp with the help of a device called a “microneedle”. During the process where hair follicles and channels (follicles) are targeted, growth factors and inactive stem cells are activated.

After the ACell hair treatment, which is approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the roots are strengthened and the hair is given a fuller and bushy appearance. In addition, spillage can be slowed down or completely prevented.

When are the targeted results obtained in ACell hair treatment?

ACell hair treatment starts to show its effect from the 4th month. Over time, hair quality improves, strengthening and shine are provided. At the end of the first year, the targeted results can be achieved.

Is a single application sufficient for ACell hair treatment?

The results of the treatment may vary from person to person, depending on the hair and skin structure. If necessary, a supportive session can be applied after the first year.


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