Dr. Çiğdem AItınışık

“Dr. Altınışık” graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Trakya University after graduating from Şehremini High School. After completing his compulsory service at the Zonguldak Governorate Polyclinic, he started working at the Istanbul Islands Health Group Presidency. He received medical aesthetic medicine training in 2005. He continued his duty at Sante Laser Aesthetics Center. He also served as a Family Physician.

Having received training in acupuncture, phytotherapy, cuptherapy, hypnotherapy, prolotherapy and ozone therapy since 2017, “Dr. Altınışık” is a physician who has adopted a holistic approach to treatment.

“Dr. Altınışık started to work as a Medical Aesthetics physician in Private Hadonna Polyclinic in 2019 and applied holistic treatments.

In 2021, he continued to work as a medical aesthetic physician at the Private Cinik Polyclinic. During this period, he served in the field of consultant medicine and holistic treatments at the Büyük Ada Anadolu Club.

“Dr. Altınışık”, who has participated in many national and international congresses and trainings, continues to serve in the “Private Dr. Tailors Polyclinic” in 2022, combining the combination of healthy life and holistic treatments, meditation with his professional knowledge.


    Akat Mh. Ebulula Mardin Cd. Park Maya Sit. F-2B Blok No:20/1 Beşiktaş İstanbul

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