Dr. Servet Terziler

“Dr. Servet Terziler” is the youngest child of a family of five children. He is the father of a daughter. He graduated from Kabataş High School for Boys, which he entered by winning the boarding exam without any money. He graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1991 with success.

“Dr. Terziler” took over the Onur Medical Center in 1996, bringing together ten of his fellow doctors, and stepped into his first life in healthcare management.

He established Göztepe Marmara Medical Center in 2001, Bahçelievler Marmara Medical Center in 2002, and Ümraniye Medical Center in 2003.

2004-2021 He served as the chairman of the board of directors and founding partner at Esteworld, which provides services in the fields of “Hair Transplantation and Treatments”, “Plastic Surgery”, “Medical Aesthetics” and “Oral and Dental Health / Aesthetics”.

“Dr. Terziler” received the title of “Medical Aesthetic Medicine” from the Ministry of Health in 2005.

“Dr. Tailors”, who started his medical aesthetic education in the same period, completed his education at home and abroad and participated in various scientific trainings. He received his hair transplant training in America. He has been successfully using the world’s leading Fue Robot in hair transplantation since 2014.

“Dr. Terziler” is the first and only physician in Turkey to apply the “Robotic DHI Hair Transplantation method”, which is considered the latest technology in hair transplantation, within the body of Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic.

“Dr. Tailors”, who was invited as an expert guest to more than 2,000 TV programs, especially national channels, participated and informed the public about his field of expertise.

His columns named “Good Life” were published in Dünya Newspaper. Currently, he continues to write a health column in Sabah Newspaper.

Dr. Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic Chairman of the Board Dr. Tailors is also the founder and president of TÜSATDER (Turkish Health Tourism Association).

He is the author of “Dr. Terziler”‘s book named “Power is from Weakness” published in 2016.

As of 2022, “Dr.Terziler” continues to serve its guests under the brand of “Dr.Terziler Exclusive Hair Clinic” with Hair transplantation and hair treatment methods using advanced technology.


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