Hair Laser

Hair Laser

Hair is one of the indispensable elements of aesthetics for both women and men. Having healthy, bushy and vibrant hair is very important both visually and psychologically. Lush and healthy hair is also directly related to looking confident, young and attractive. However, unfortunately, factors such as genetic inheritance, hormonal imbalances, physical and emotional traumas, as well as unhealthy living conditions brought by our age, malnutrition and stress can also cause hair loss. For all these reasons, the capillaries in the scalp can close; The hair strands that cannot be fed first become thinner and weaker, then they fall out completely and the hair follicle goes to sleep. Hair loss, which manifests itself in the form of thinning, thinning and full opening in certain areas, greatly affects the image of the person, his perceptions about his appearance, emotions and behaviors. The hair laser, which has changed the lives of many people with hair loss and is successfully applied today; It ensures the revitalization of the capillaries, the awakening of the roots, thus allowing the bald areas to regain lush and healthy hair. The laser method, which gives satisfactory results in many fields of medicine today, also gives effective results in hair treatments. Hair laser thickens and supports the growth of thinned hair, and is a light of hope for individuals who are looking for a permanent solution against shedding.

What is a hair laser?

The question of what is hair laser and how does it benefit hair loss can be answered as follows: Hair laser is an effective treatment method that stimulates weakened hair follicles, accelerates blood circulation, strengthens hair strands and prevents hair loss. Hair laser treatment, which is a safe, painless and healthy application, significantly reduces shedding and strengthens existing hair.

How is hair laser applied?

In hair laser treatment, which suppresses the oxidative stress in the scalp and supports faster regeneration of the cell in which the hair follicle is located, new generation devices with low diode rays are used. First, the hair structure of the person is examined by a specialist dermatologist; Consultation and hair analysis regarding the degree of shedding are performed. Then, the number and frequency of sessions are decided. In the beginning, small channels are opened with dermapen by targeting the areas where the hair has lost its vitality, and a serum is applied that ensures that the hair is nourished, strengthened and multiplied. Then, the laser device is shot at the points where weakness and sparseness are seen. Laser beams reach the hair follicles (roots) by completely scanning these areas. Thus, by stimulating the stem cells of weakened hair, it helps to strengthen and thicken. Both during and after the application, the person does not feel any pain or pain. Laser beams, which increase the oxygen going to the hair follicles, do not cause any harm to the scalp. Sessions last an average of 20 minutes and can be applied two or three times a week in the first stage. The treatment process is completed in 2 to 4 months in total. It is recommended to apply the treatment for at least 6 months in order to achieve the targeted results. Hair laser can be applied alone, or it can be combined with mesotherapy and Plasma methods to increase its effectiveness. Hair transplantation is one of the most frequently used areas. With hair laser, it is possible to achieve more successful results in a short time after hair transplantation.

When do results start to be seen in hair laser?

The results of hair laser treatment vary according to the current hair condition in the application area, the potential of the follicles, the hair structure of the person and of course the genetic structure. In a short time from the first application, strengthening of the hair strands and a significant increase in volume are observed.

Who is the hair laser suitable for?

Hair laser treatment is an ideal application for both men and women who have hair loss, thinning and thinning problems without a certain age limit. Hair laser, which does not have any scientifically determined side effects, is among the hair treatments that are safely preferred today.


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